Collaborating as a screenwriter, script editor and producer since 2009, Tess has collected a portfolio of internationally recognised award winning short films, feature length online series and narrative virtual reality. She is currently working on a development slate of three original IP projects.



SKINFORD: Chapter Two


Script Editor & Executive Producer
Action Crime | 85 minutes | Coming soon...
Distributed by: Blackpills

A small town crook and an immortal woman must cure the curse of her eternal life to end a violent turf war that threatens to destroy them both.



Development, Co-Writer, Script Editor & Producer
Supernatural Crime Thriller | 85 minutes
Distributed by: Blackpills, SBS VICELAND

British con artist, Jimmy 'Skinny' Skinford, uncovers the opportunity of a life time ... whilst digging his own grave.



Virtual Reality | Sci Fi Drama | 22 min

When a virtual memory recreation AI begins to independently alter and delete a woman's digitally enhanced memories, she must recover the imperfect truth of her own past before it is lost forever.

The Pale Moonlight


Sci Fi Noir | 16 minutes

In a dystopian future where the world is dying from a crippling disease, a mysterious figure visits an illegal drug den in the hope of sourcing a rumoured cure, but is caught up in a robbery that could threaten his chances of making it back out alive…



Writer & Producer
Magical Realism Thriller | 12 minutes

A 10-year-old girl lives with a terrifying monster - her sister's abusive boyfriend. Determined to save her sister, she forms a desperate plan inspired by her imagination.